Not This Year!

The Jerome Freedom Celebration has been cancelled for 2012. Lack of community participation can be considered the biggest reason. We have never been in this to make money but just to simply provide “fun & free family friendly activities” to the residents of Jerome.

We can pull off an event with little funds. We have never relied on the City of Jerome for the funding of the event; We have some great sponsors who have helped with advertising, supplies, and other things needed for the event. What we don’t seem to have is the public’s involvement as a whole. Low attendance last year from the residents of Jerome and ZERO attendance from the City of Jerome officials over the years makes it tough to garner support from the Events Committee to continue to plan and organize the Freedom Celebration. We understand the public was not happy with what we call the “fireworks fiasco” last year. That was a lot of the reason behind low attendance and the absence of vendors and new sponsors.

The Jerome Freedom Celebration will be absent this July 4th BUT, we’ll see what 2013 brings.


Finally Here!

  • July 3rd, 2011
  • Posted in Promo

Tomorrow is the big day!!! We have a great time planned with some new activities this year: the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, a Water Gun Park, a Bus Pull Competition, and a Street Dance! At Noon, our Patriotic Celebration will consist of the singing of our National Anthem, recitation of our nations Pledge of Allegiance, and a reading of the Declaration of Independence. Entertainment on the Main Stage along with local food, information, and treat vendors will provide plenty of opportunity to celebrate our nations independence!

Come and enjoy the time together.


Entertainment & Vendors

We are still looking for Entertainers, Vendors, and Sponsors for this year’s event.

We would like to have a few more local bands sign up to be on our main stage as well as a band to play part of the Street Dance. If you are interested, please contact us right away. This would be great exposure!

Additional Vendors and Sponsors are also being sought. If you have a small business, you can be a vendor. Booth spaces are ONLY $25 for standard vendors and $55 for food vendors. Electricity is available as is limited water. Look at our Vendors page for contract details.

Sponsors are what allow this event to be so successful. Event Sponsors help cover the cost of the event and we in turn help promote the sponsors business. Event Sponsorship can be limited to the single event or can cover all events for the entire year. If you’re interested, visit our Sponsors page!



Twin Falls Creative Arts Center

Just got off the phone with Cheryl from the Twin Falls Creative Arts Center and it looks as if they will be joining us at the Freedom Celebration. We ran into them at Western Days and loved what they were up to. They will be bringing face painting and information about what they do at the center.

Check them out at: www.tfcreativeartscenter.com



Confirmed Activity

I was able to confirm with ARACELY’S of Jerome that they will be bringing FOUR Bounce Houses to the Freedom Celebration. The owner, Orchid, also looks to have a vendor booth at the event displaying some of their items. In the mean time, check them out at 130 East Main Street in Jerome.


City of Jerome Newsletter

  • May 26th, 2011
  • Posted in Promo

In tomorrow’s edition of the City of Jerome newsletter, there will be a writeup regarding the Jerome Freedom Celebration and the combined Fireworks Display. Watch for a link once the article is active.

For the City of Jerome website, click the link on the left hand column.


Times News Article

Nick Coltrain with the Times News has published a great article regarding the combining of Jerome & Twin Falls Fireworks displays.

View the article here.


EDITORIAL: Red, white and you: T.F., Jerome merge fireworks shows

  • May 21st, 2011
  • Posted in Promo

Thank you to the Times News Editorial Board for the letter regarding the Magic Valley fireworks display.

View the letter here.



If you watched KMVT this morning, you would have heard a big announcement from Ruth Pierce and Mayor Don Hall (Twin Falls) regarding the 4th of July Fireworks display here in Jerome. (It is only regarding the fireworks display, not the rest of the Freedom Celebration.)

The Jerome Events Committee has undertaken the City of Jerome Fireworks and have partnered with the Twin Falls Fireworks Committee this year.

This partnership has become the “Magic Valley Citizens’ 4th of July” and in coming years looks to bring not only Jerome and Twin Falls together, but also Filer, Buhl, Kimberly, Wendell, etc. If we could get ALL Magic Valley communities involved in this effort, imagine the fireworks display we could have!

Donations can be made on the groups website: MagicValleyFireworks.org and you can share your comments, questions, and concerns here on this site or on Facebook via the MV Citizens 4th of July group.



Urgent Call for Support

2011 Jerome Freedom Celebration
and Fireworks Display

The City of Jerome has historically provided a July 4th Fireworks Display for its citizens. In the budget year 2011, the city unfortunately had to make the decision to eliminate the Fireworks Display’s $8,000 allotment from its line items. In response to this, the Jerome Events Committee has undertaken an effort to raise the necessary funds to continue the display.

Plans for this year include moving the show to the Jerome County Fairgrounds and creating a multi-day event to celebrate our American founding and heritage.

The Jerome Events Committee asks you to consider a personal or corporate contribution designated to this July 4th Celebration. Any donation you provide will bring targeted exposure to the Freedom Celebration’s participants as well as the 1000’s of Magic Valley Residents who will see or hear your name in the events advertising via the Times News, television and radio community calendars, and the many flyers distributed throughout the City of Jerome.

Our efforts to see this fireworks display and celebration continue require us to raise close to $10,000. What can your company do to help?

Donations can be sent to:
Jerome Events Committee, Inc.
PO Box 107
Jerome, ID  83338

Thank you for your consideration!

Rbrt Groves